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100,000+ New Yorkers Scammed By Debt Collectors – Why Doesn’t the FTC Do Anything?

posted on 2009-07-22 by Allen Harkleroad

You just gotta love New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. He is a living legend after my own heart. Too bad the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) refuses to do what Mr. Cuomo is doing, namely protecting US consumers from illegal and predatory debt collectors. No wonder why President Obama is so gung-ho about creating a new consumer agency, mainly because FTC employees sit around collecting government (tax payer funded) paychecks and lets abusive debt collection companies abuse consumers.
One hundred thousand New Yorkers were scammed and almost 7,000 are from the Rochester area. Now, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is doing something about it. Cuomo says it's the largest debt collection scam he's ever seen and starting today, the victims are being notified. Cuomo says his office has sued 35 different law firms and two debt collectors in New York State alone in relation to this scam. Three of those firms are in the Rochester area. The firms were led by a company called American Legal Process (ALP) which illegally placing leans and repossessing people's assets. Read the full story on WHEC-TV
I personally hope President Obama, snatches consumer law issues away from the Federal Trade Commission and hands it over to an agency that might actually protect consumers. The FTC has failed consumers time and time again. Hey, Federal Trade Commission, want to keep your consumer law enforcement privileges? Then try protecting consumers from abusive debt collectors. Another words stop resting on your laurels and get your a$$ to work protecting consumers.