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Dynamic Legal Recovery 877.777.7564
Dynamic Legal Recovery 877.777.7564

Firm name: CRSI
Contact Name: Kiersten Silva
Address: 5777 Madison Avenue
City: Suite 960
State: CA
Country: USA
Zip: 95841
Phone: 209-450-1900
800 number:
Fax: 916-334-3883
We are an experienced, professional collection agency with over 100 years of combined experience in the credit and collection industries. We are licensed nationally and ready to perfect your accounts. Our clients consist of Banks, Credit Unions, Debt Buyers, Government, and other original creditors. We are savvy in all areas of third party collections and can take your accounts from cradle to grave.
Practice Areas:  
Credit Card, Pay Day Loans, secured and unsecured Consumer Loans, Government, Commercial, large balance accounts, DDA, Bad Checks, Real Estate, deficiency balances, pre-litigation through post litigation.