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Let Student Borrowers Declare Bankruptcy, Already

added on 2018-07-10

Prison time for corrupt debt collector should be a lesson to others

added on 2017-06-05

CFPB structure invites abuse: Opposing view

added on 2016-10-18
CFPB helps no one, not banks and certainly not consumers, if there are no checks and balances Read

President Obama Gives Relief To Social Security Recipients Drowning in Student Debt

added on 2016-04-24
"It is appalling that Social Security support is being skimmed to feed into an out-of-control student debt machine." Read

Editorial: Debt collection underworld must be brought into the light

added on 2015-11-16

After the NFL Decision, It's Time for Credit Unions to Stop Abusing the Tax Code

added on 2015-05-11

It's Time To Keep Daylight Savings Time

added on 2014-10-24
Is It Time To Stop Switching The Clocks? Read

Is the Sky Falling from the CFPB?

added on 2013-11-22

Debt Collecting by Text: Why This Practice Should Be Prohibited Absent Express Consumer Consent

added on 2013-10-22

Washington, keep out of auto loan business

added on 2013-05-13
Subprime auto loans won't work out any better than subprime home loans Read

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