2015 NARCA Presidentís Award Presented To Three Industry Leaders



October 20, 2015


Outgoing NARCA President Joann Needleman presented the 2015 NARCA Presidentís Award to Steve Markoff, Yale Levy and Brent Yarborough on Friday evening October 16, 2015 at the NARCA Awards & Leadership Gala in Washington, D.C.


When asked how she arrived at choosing this yearís recipients, Joann Needleman stated, ďAs you know, we are embarking on a new era for NARCA with NARCA 2.0, but getting there was hardly an easy process. These three gentlemen spent countless hours developing the substantive and financial elements of our NARCA 2.0 plan. They developed our new tag line, The National Creditorsí Bar Association, they worked to enhance the benefits of membership and they looked closely at our financial opportunities to ensure the longevity of the association. NARCA 2.0 represents the greatest opportunity this association has seen in two decades. But for the incredible work of these three gentlemen our association would have limped along for the next couple of years. As the board embarked on this project our theme was to build a new house. These three gentlemen completed the project on time, within budget and with incredible success. Our future is bright and our foundation is solid thanks to the work of Steve, Yale and Brent.Ē


The NARCA Presidentís Award is given annually to an individual of a NARCA member firm who exhibits outstanding leadership for the benefit of the association. The service of this awardís recipient is of such a magnitude that NARCA may not have achieved its current level of excellence without their efforts. Past recipients include Harvey Sharinn, Adam Olshan, Tom Canary, Mike Buckles, Tomio Narita, June Coleman and Brenda Majewski.









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