Allstate Debt Consolidation Shares How Balance Transfer Cards with Zero Interest Help Consumers

HACKENSACK, N.J., Sept. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- In a newly published guide, Allstate Debt Consolidation shows consumers how a balance transfer card with 0% interest rates for a fixed period of time can help them get some breathing room in their battle to lower costs.

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In the guide, consumers will learn about the benefits of using these cards as well as which ones to use to take full advantage of this type of solution.

The guide also talks about what people should be on the lookout for and what to avoid so they can minimize the risks.

Their top recommendation for a 0% balance transfer credit card is the Citi Simplicity Card. Anyone struggling with too much credit card debt can use the Citi Simplicity Card with no late fees to completely eliminate interest rates for twenty one months.

According to ADC, there isn't another card available that offers such an extensive period with no interest payments. And that's why this card is at the top of their list. There are no late fees or annual fees either according to the guide. But there is a transfer fee. This fee is mitigated by the lengthy interest-free period.

The second credit card recommended in the guide is the Chase Slate Card. Although this particular one does not provide a bonus for signing up, consumers will get other benefits from it.

The card is ideal for anyone that doesn't meet the requirements for the Citi Simplicity card because it gives people many of the same benefits.

By consolidating debts onto this card, consumers can reduce the amount of interest they pay out each month. But unlike many other cards, there aren't any fees associated with transferring debt to it within the first two months of opening the account.

According to ADC, this makes the card very attractive for anyone looking at balance transfer credit cards as a way of shrinking the amount of interest they pay on the money they owe.

As an additional service, customers of the Citi Simplicity card have access to their FICO scores without being charged for it. That's a great extra feature built into the card.

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Next on Allstate Debt Consolidation's list of recommended balance transfer cards is the BankAmericard Credit Card.

Although this card does not offer rewards like some of the competition, according to ADC, it has been generally well-received. A low maximum late fee of only 37 USD and the lowest APR among the BankAmericard line are two of the major benefits with this card.

The BankAmericard Credit Card has chip technology, which is great here and abroad. With ShopSafe and a liability guarantee regarding fraudulent card transactions, users feel comfortable with the safety features enacted.

They also have reasonable fees such as three percent for foreign transactions; it is a very affordable choice for many. And it's why they made it onto Allstate Debt Consolidation's list.

The guide also lists the Discover It card as a practical option for people who are unable to get one of the other balance transfer credit cards. Even though it only offers 12 months of interest free payments, it's better than many other cards being offered in the marketplace.

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