Apollo Enterprise Solutions Receives Allowance For Its 25th Patent Covering Its Truepay + Payments Platform 

Los Angeles, California, October 5, 2015 - Apollo Enterprise Solutions, Ltd. ("AES") (AES:BH; OAL:GR), the leader in advancing the science of payment technologies, announced today that it has received allowance of its patent titled “System and methods for resolving transactions employing goal-seeking attributes”  from the United States Patents & Trademarks Office. AES now has 25 patents issued or pending to be issued worldwide.
“We are delighted to have received allowance of another important patent from the United States Patents & Trademarks Office. This patent enables customers to set their own parameters for settling their delinquent debt. This empowering technology allows customers greater flexibility and significantly enhances the customer experience,” stated Joseph Konowiecki, AES’ chairman & CEO. “We are focused on continuously developing new advanced technologies that improve the operations of credit issuers and provide for improved customer experience,” Konowiecki emphasized. 


About AES

AES’ Psychographic Persuasion™ technology enables banks, utilities, merchandisers, and other major enterprises take their customers’ online experience and brand loyalty to an unparalleled level. AES’ other major product, the patented TruePay+™ System, uses both Agent Emulation® and Psychographic Persuasion
technologies to advance the science of payment technologies. The TruePay+™ System delivers significantly improved business outcomes by assisting live agents and selfserve customers in resolving predelinquent and delinquent debt situations on an individualized basis according to customer profiles, using any device, at any time, from anywhere. More information about Apollo Enterprise Solutions, Ltd. (AES:BH; OAL:GR) is available at

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