Large Collection Agency Shut Down

Oxford Management Services (OMS) has shut down their doors. OMS, a Florida based collection agency has disappeared from the collections arena. OMS had a large call center in Florida with a couple hundred employees at their call center. The company had been in business for 15 years in the collections marketplace.

A former employee said that there was no warning or notice given and that the company was shutting down and trying to regroup. He received his notice on March 16th 2011 saying that his services would no longer be needed and that the company was shutting down.  He also noted that the company did not have any significant changes that he noticed in his day to day operations. As a manager he said he would have noticed some dramatic changes leading to the shut down.

CCN contacted two previous clients of OMS who both said they have pulled their files back from OMS and are no longer doing business with them. Neither client wanted to comment on their thoughts on why the firm shut down or if their business actions with OMS were instrumental in the shutting down of the company.

According to their web site, OMS is a family-owned, privately held corporation. OMS had its headquarters based in Fort Pierce, Florida and satellite offices in New York and Pennsylvania. Peter Pinto the President and CEO of Oxford did not return any calls or inquiries from Credit and Collection News to comment on the story.