Debt Collection Litigation & CFPB Complaint Statistics, August 2015

Quick analysis: Sort of like the stock market, consumer litigation is going through some wild swings this year. Down a not-insignificant 12.6% from July (after dropping 7.5% from June before that), FDCPA litigation is still WAY ahead of this time last year (by a whopping 18.1%). FCRA is also down a bit this month (2.3%) while being way ahead YTD (by 32.3%).

TCPA… remember TCPA? You know, the one that hogs all the news these days? TCPA is barely limping along with exactly *no* movement in last month’s numbers from the month before (I think that is actually the first time I have ever seen that happen…). However it has managed to eke out a minor increase in the YTD race, changing sides from being 1% down YTD in July to 1.7% up YTD in August.

CFPB complaints took a tumble last month, dropping 10% from the month before. However, most of that movement appears to be the result of a large CFPB data drop after we ran the stats last time around. So, nothing much to see here. Move along. CFPB numbers are riding just above break even YTD over 2014, with a 3% increase. Once all the cases trickle in, that will likely be bumped up a few points.

Fun Facts: ∙

– For August 2015, about 34% of all consumer litigation plaintiffs had sued at least once before under consumer litigation statutes.
– About 805 different companies were sued, and 834 different debt collectors were complained about to the CFPB.
– Class actions were mixed, with a huge 18.1% for FDCPA, an average 13.7% for TCPA and a ho-hum 10.3% for FCRA.
– The Pennsylvania Eastern District Court in Philadelphia had the most litigation filed in it, with 58 lawsuits invoking consumer statutes. California had the most CFPB complaints against debt collectors, with 470.
– Attorneys David H Krieger and Craig Thor Kimmel tied for representing the most consumers for the month with 26, but Craig B. Sanders has still represented the most year to date, with 193


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Aug 01, 2015
Aug 31, 2015

Jul 01, 2015
Jul 31, 2015

Aug 01, 2014
Aug 31, 2014

CFPB Complaints 






FDCPA lawsuits 






FCRA lawsuits 






TCPA lawsuits 






YTD CFPB Complaints 




YTD FDCPA lawsuits 




YTD FCRA lawsuits 




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Complaint Statistics:

3432 consumers filed CFPB complaints against debt collectors and about 1220 consumers filed lawsuits under consumer statutes from Aug 01, 2015 to Aug 31, 2015. Here is an approximate breakdown:

Litigation Summary (scroll down for CFPB data):

The top courts where lawsuits were filed:

The most active consumer attorneys were:

Statistics Year to Date:

9815 total lawsuits for 2015, including:

Number of Unique Plaintiffs for 2015: 9229 (including multiple plaintiffs in one suit)

The most active consumer attorneys of the year:


CFPB Complaint Statistics:

There were 3432 complaints filed against debt collectors from Aug 01, 2015 to Aug 31, 2015.

Total number of debt collectors complained about: 834

The types of debt behind the complaints were:

Here is a breakdown of complaints:

The top five subissues were:

The top states complaints were filed from are:

The status of the month’s complaints are as follows:

This includes 3160 (92%) timely responses to complaints, and 272 (8%) untimely responses.

Of the company responses, consumers accepted 0 (%) of them, disputed 347 (10%) of them, and 3085 (90%) were N\A.

The top five days for complaints were:




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