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For Immediate Release: October 25, 2016



Stellar Recovery started collaborating with RevSpring, a company that focuses on revenue acceleration, in June 2016 on projects to change our letter design and series as well as develop a new payment portal. RevSpring has been integral in the development and implementation of a new, unique letter series that includes full color letters, post cards, and self-mailers now being used to communicate with consumers about their account. Chief Analytics Office Kendra Vallerelli said “RevSpring made the whole process easy. It was impressive how they were able to take the ideas we gave them and turn them into great final products”. The new letters designed by RevSpring are more appealing to the eye and offers the consumer professional correspondence regarding their account. Since the implementation of the new letter series Stellar has seen an increase in consumer responsiveness.

The new payment portal, which went live on October 10, was created with the idea of allowing the consumer to self-manage their account. It brings a new compliance level to the account management process. The new, sleek look of the portal has already proven to be inviting to the consumer. We have doubled our online payment portal activity since going live. Analytics show that the new payment portal, which allows consumers to do everything from negotiating a settlement to viewing all correspondence about their account, is being used by consumers in lieu of talking to a live agent. Thus, consumer complaints are down. Consumers are utilizing our website not only to make a payment, but to discuss and provide feedback versus filing complaints and suing. With less human interaction there is less risk and “happier” consumers. “Being in debt is stressful. We are making our consumers happier with our effortless consumer channel solutions”, said EVP Kim Harvey. The new products that RevSpring has created is helping Stellar successfully address every consumer group and maintain a high level of compliance.

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