September 16, 2015


FLOCK Specialty Finance Launches


 Capital Club Radio 


In the effort to develop a community of thought leaders in the debt buying industry as well as other markets of litigation funding and subprime consumer performing portfolios, FLOCK Specialty Finance is launching Capital Club Radio. 


On this internet radio program, Michael Flock  candidly interviews thought leaders and founders of middle market companies that buy distressed debt or who fund subprime consumer obligations, markets that are under-served by traditional banking.  The show provides a forum to discuss industry opportunities and threats, and how entrepreneurs can be successful in these turbulent times.    Listeners will learn of the successes and failures from the people interviewed.  They will gain actionable insights into how to deal with market uncertainty, how to be nimble, and how to raise and choose  the right kind of capital.


Capital Club Radio is hosted by Michael Flock, Chairman and CEO of FLOCK Specialty Finance. Michael's unique interview style will be entertaining for the listener along with being informative, getting down into the real stories behind the success and failures of his guests. 


To listen to the first interview with Rich Munroe, founder of Resolution Services Group (RSG), click the "Blog" button above.  Listen to the story of how Rich built his tax lien business from scratch through building relationships and expertise over time.

Contact us at:, or 770-644-0851 for more information or if you would like to be a guest.



About FLOCK Specialty Finance 

FLOCK is dedicated to alternative investing in a variety of specialty finance segments. The focus is on businesses that have been under-served by traditional financial services. FLOCK has the knowledge to mitigate the risks associated with the under-served markets and asset classes.  Knowing how to mitigate the risk enables funding when traditional banks have demonstrated an unwillingness to extend credit.  FLOCK believes funding is "More Than a Transaction".  Founded in 2007, the company is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.  For more information, see our website at