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Former California Association of Collectors President Turns to GoFundMe for Cancer Care….




Please help us get Jerry Greenblatt back to San Diego to get the medical care he needs. 


Jerry Greenblatt is a single with his 18 year old son living with him and going to college and has a 13 year old daughter in San Diego.  Jerry suffered a devastating stroke in 2010 which left him permanently disabled is living on a fixed income. He has since suffered 5 more strokes coupled with 13 coronary stents. In 2012 He was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma which is a Terminal type of Cancer. The cancer caused a serious burst fracture at the base of his neck leaving him with painful spinal stenosis and has tumors from his T1 vertebrae to his sacrum. Due to his past strokes and coronary vessel issues he is not a candidate for a Bone Marrow Transplant. With the right treatment his life could be extended several years and many of the effects of the cancer could be relieved. Jerry is in constant pain due to the tumors on his spine and has been battling stomach issues since just after Christmas, losing over 30 pounds, the medical care and transportation in Redding is very limited.

Jerry moved from San Diego to Redding last summer but has not been able to get adequate medical care and has several obstacles with transportation.


We are asking for your help in moving Jerry and his son back to San Diego and helping to get set up in an apartment where he can get back to the doctors and resources at UC San Diego to get the medical care that he needs.