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Immediate Credit Recovery Has the Christmas Sprit And The Joy Of Giving


Every year since 1998, Alana Alston, an employee of Immediate Credit Recovery, Inc. working in our Kennesaw, GA office has put together a holiday gift-giving campaign for underprivileged kids; working in conjunction with the Georgia Salvation Army.  As part of this undertaking, Alana also asks for volunteers to purchase toys, clothes or wish-list items for these kids (and who better to approach than her co-workers!).

This year we are pleased to announce that, under AlanaŐs guidance, our employees in Georgia came through and purchased gifts for 167 underprivileged kids!  Through the generosity of our employees, most of the bags in the picture above contains 3 or more gifts from each childŐs list!

In a season that exemplifies love and sacrifice, Alana and the rest of our Georgia team have shown these traits through their action and dedication.  Although Alana and the other volunteers will not have the joy of seeing every child open their gifts on Christmas morning, they know that there will be at least 167 hearts that will shine brighter due to their love and dedication.

We are so proud of them!!



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Dana DelTreste

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