NARCA Supports Eliminating “Bad Players”





November 4, 2015


The Federal Trade Commission’s announcement of its coordinated efforts with and other law enforcement agencies against illegal and unscrupulous debt collectors is hailed by NARCA as a positive move to rid the industry of the “bad apples” that tarnish reputable and legal debt collection businesses.


NARCA supports the cooperative efforts of both industry entities and governmental agencies to root out the businesses that harm consumers through truly deceptive practices. The industry and consumers are much better off by collaborative and complementary practices to insure that “bad players” are eliminated from practicing debt collection.


NARCA has been at the forefront of insuring that its members abide by a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct that is separate and in addition to the rules in their respective states which govern their law licenses.  Harvey Moore, NARCA Board President commented, “ Collaboration, communication and cooperation between industry groups and the regulatory bodies which enforce laws to eliminate those who consciously harm consumers through deceptive practices is key to keeping the credit eco-system for this country strong.”



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NARCA – The National Creditors Bar Association is a nationwide professional trade association of 600 creditors rights law firms and in‐house counsel of creditors.  NARCA members are committed to being professional, responsible and ethical in their practice of creditors rights law.