NJE Group Engages Trust Guard 3rd Party Dispute Resolution Service


SEATTLE – November 15, 2015 National Judgment Enforcement Group (NJE Group), a leader in consumer and commercial judgment recovery, announced today they have engaged Trust Guard, an organization that specializes in third party business verification, dispute resolution and security services.  Trust Guard’s dispute resolution service enables NJE Group to handle any potential consumer complaints efficiently and fairly. This capability enhances NJE’s overall compliance and strengthens consumer and client relationships.


“Having a third party resolution service provides assurance and confidence to clients & consumers that NJE Group can be trusted and relied upon,” said Travis D. Howard, Founder & Client Service Executive of NJE Group. “We work very hard internally to avoid any sort of complaints.  With Trust Guard, we have an additional built-in solution to help if there are any issues that arise.”


Trust Guard will set up a third party dispute resolution service to mediate any consumer complaints.  If Trust Guard receives a complaint, they will immediately contact NJE Group’s compliance department to bring the issue to NJE’s attention for resolution.


NJE Group strongly encourages any consumers to contact their compliance department first so they are presented the opportunity to promptly resolve any conflicts.


About Trust Guard, LLC

Trust Guard is a company that specializes in third party business verification, dispute resolution and security services.  It was started in 2006 to help companies build trust and credibility by providing reassurance to customers that a business is legitimate.


About NJE Group

National Judgment Enforcement Group was established with the premise that all judgment creditors deserve an easier, more accessible and affordable method of collecting judgments. NJE Group does not ask for any money from clients. The group’s primary goal is to provide the most efficient and affordable judgment recovery services in the industry, easing client worries and frustration. More information can be found at:


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