New Book Released On Investing In Debt


With this nuts-and-bolts guide, both savvy and novice investors can discover the secrets to profiting from personal and corporate debt, including municipal tax liens, defaulted credit card debt, discount promissory notes, mortgage foreclosures, and micro loans. Anyone can participate in these investments, but not all of these options are as easy as calling a broker they require some legwork and research so many of these opportunities often go untapped.

While there are many books on alternative investment ideas, none provide this level of practical information and advice. How To Invest in Debt provides everything readers need to capitalize on these investments. Readers will discover:

How to find and purchase debt at a deep discount

How to do effective due diligence and pick the ones that are most likely to pay off

How to collect debt, and the secrets to making short-term high interest loans

Buying future streams of cash flow

Overcoming what could go wrong before it happens

And much more. 

Dozens of charts, table, forms, spreadsheets, and diagrams empower readers to get started right away, with all the tools they will need to collect and analyze data and pursue the most profitable opportunities.

How To Invest in Debt shows that if you're willing to do the work, you can profit from debt. Includes Chapters on buying receivables , Tax Liens , Peer to Peer lending, Sherrifs Sales, Notes and More.

Michael Pellegrino, is an Attorney at Pellegrino & Feldstein and Author of 4 books, "Tax Liens, Guide to Investing in N.J. Tax Liens" and "How to Invest In Debt" New Jersey attorney who represents investors in tax lien foreclosure and litigation relating to NJ tax liens. I present seminars and I have written a book on investing in NJ municipal tax liens. I have litigated several cases which resulted in published opinions, and I am a regular speaker for the Bar Association ICLE seminar on tax liens. He graduated from Rutgers Law School

His books are available in book stores and on Amazon: