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Press Release

Phin Solutions Announces Itís Next Generation Compliance Monitoring Software and Services:†† Vigilant-CMSsm

Ramsey, MN (December 4,2017) Phin Solutions has taken the secure foundation of Noticing Networkand enhanced the service set, data transformation and identification algorithms to provide a solution to help better manage customer portfolios and avoid costly regulatory violations.†† Vigilant-CMS protects you from bankruptcy stay law violations, FDCPA violations, SCRA violations, and TCPA violations with pinpoint accuracy using timely information and watchful monitoring of your account portfolios.

Vigilant-CMS Services Provides

ē Daily Bankruptcy Monitoring Services

ē Daily Deceased Monitoring Services

ē Litigious Debtor Identification

ē Active Duty Military Verification

ē Telephone and Mobile Phone Verification

ē Locate Services (Address, Phone, SSN, Employment)

Established in July 2000 and headquartered in Ramsey, MN. Phin Solutions is a leading provider of bankruptcy information and consulting services to the financial services marketplace. Our focus is primarily in the financial and collection industry with the distribution of bankruptcy, deceased, litigious debtor and military information to help organizations better manage their customer portfolios.

Phinís Vigilant-CMS Software and Services provide organizations the ability to monitor their customer portfolioís in-house, behind their firewall and in their secure environment. This provides a more timely and secure portfolio monitoring solution to maintain compliance.

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