TEC Services Group:  REVEALDataWorks Now Includes Interactive Dashboard Reporting

Interactive reporting to track third party data performance and ROI

Sarasota, FL – TEC Services Group, Inc., the leading provider of professional, advisory and analytical consulting services, in the accounts receivables management (ARM) industry, today announced REVEALDataWorks customers now have access to powerful business intelligence (BI) dashboard reporting. REVEALDataWorks, the industry’s only fully managed data waterfall service, provides customers with expert data knowledge and performance reporting to make intelligent data outsourcing decisions. 

“Since 2010, our data strategy consultants have leveraged the power of BI reporting to drive performance for our customers.  Now, REVEALDataWorks customers will have direct access to interactive reports that deliver deeper data insights.  Arming our clients with more interactive business intelligence (BI) reports and dashboards is a natural evolution in helping to reveal new, ongoing and actionable data insights to help collection organizations grow their business.” Will Turner, Vice President of TEC Analytical Services

Designed with greater flexibility and drilldown capabilities, executives now have easier and more intuitive ways to monitor important data outsourcing costs, metrics and trends from a birds-eye-view or interactively drill down to more granular information. TEC’s interactive reporting provides REVEALDataWorks customers unparalleled visibility into data outsourcing performance which can be viewed and segmented by data vendor, batch vintage, asset class, division and by forwarder. 

Interactive Reporting Features:

·       Cross-functional team of subject matter experts to analyze and interpret reports.

·       Does not require purchasing or downloading of software.

·       Wide range of visualizations and views to review the cost, performance and ROI of third party data purchases.

·       Compare vendor cost and performance by search type, waterfall position, data strategy.

·       Allocate data expenses by division, line of business or client.

·       Filter and drill down by company, division, asset class and forwarder.

·       Identify what, when and how often purchased data is worked or not worked.

·       Audit vendor phone deduping processes to avoid paying for data you already have.

·       View performance by batch vintage over time.

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About TEC Services Group
Since 1998, TEC Services Group, Inc. has provided professional, advisory and analytical services to the Credit and Collections industry. Our consultants bring an unparalleled knowledge of accounts receivable management (ARM) and a reputation for being at the top of their field in specialized practice areas.  This cross functional team of experienced industry veterans, help collection organizations solve real-world problems across every aspect of their business.



About REVEALDataWorks

REVEALDataWorks is TEC Services Group’s fully managed data waterfall service, created in 2010.  REVEALDataWorks enables collection organizations to streamline and optimize the testing, procurement, integration and use of third party data and scoring products.  TEC Services Group is the first and only company to provide a fully managed data waterfall, analytics and reporting service that does not sell or resell complied or aggregated data.  REVEALDataWorks is available to collection organizations of any size but is more widely used by large and analytically minded companies seeking to maintain or gain their competitive advantage.