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                        Collection Agency Coalition    



CCN and Troutman Sanders are working to create the Collection Agency Coalition - the Collection Agency Coalition is designed to reduce and remove member agencies from the attorney mills out there that are bringing frivolous lawsuits against the industry



Coming to Atlanta

February 19
1:00 - 5:00



With a powerful group of 50 agencies we can put an end to the attorney mills and their frivolous lawsuits.

In order for the coalition to be successful, we will need the following from you:


A commitment of time for meeting via phone monthly


A commitment to a yearly meeting - to be held in conjunction with CCN annual conference


A determination of what constitutes a frivolous lawsuit


Once a lawsuit is determined to be frivolous a strategy on handling those accounts


The goal is to keep costs down - in order to achieve a reasonable cost of $2000 per agency per month we will need 50 members. We have received positive feedback from those we have spoken to regarding that as a reasonable price. We will need help forming the group to achieve that number.


We will be putting together a section on the credit and collection newsletter for the coalition to show our strength in numbers.


We will need to spread the word on this to get the number of agencies on board.





There is no cost to attend the meeting in Atlanta

but we have  very limited space - Contact us today for more information:




Phone: 760-438-1741

Register Today as Space is very limited:



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