Apollo Enterprise Solutions Launching Psyscript

The First Artificial Intelligence Scripting Sysytem For Call Centers And Live Agents

Los Angeles, California, September 25, 2015 - Apollo Enterprise Solutions, Ltd. ("AES") (AES:BH; OAL:GR), the leader in advancing the science of customer experience, is launching PsyScript™, the first live agent scripting system that is driven by artificial intelligence.
“We are proud to continue our quest to advance the science of customer experience by bringing to market patented technologies that incorporate artificial intelligence linguistics and behavioral science, and integrating them into our own products and the products of our partners,” stated Joseph Konowiecki, AES’ Chairman & CEO. “Customer experience is becoming the defining differentiation strategy of more and more enterprises and we will continue to add new breakthrough technologies to our patent portfolio, in order to improve enterprise operations and bottom-line results while dramatically improving customers’ experience,” Konowiecki emphasized.


About AES

AES’ patented PsyBuild™ System uses Psychographic Persuasion
technology to advance the science of Customer Experience. The PsyBuild™ System enables enterprises achieve improved operational efficiencies and brand loyalty by turbo-charging the performance of their websites, mobile apps, email and SMS campaigns, live agents conversations, and other digital and live channel communications by greatly enhancing the Customer Experience. More information about Apollo Enterprise Solutions, Ltd. (AES:BH; OAL:GR) is available at

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