BCA Financial Services Celebrates 75th Anniversary


BCA Financial Services Inc. (BCA), reached an exciting milestone as the company celebrates 75 years in business in 2019.

Bureau of Credit Administration (later renamed BCA Financial Services Inc.) was founded in 1944 and purchased by William Hearne Sr. in October 1950. In the 1960s, Hearne’s son, William (Bill) Hearne Jr. put his mark, and name, on the business by becoming the next owner. In 1997, ownership was transferred to the current leadership team: Pam Kirchner, CEO, and third-generation owners Kathy Kinggard, chief operating officer, and Cindy Darley, chief financial officer.

BCA is a company rich in history and family values. BCA’s founding fathers, respected industry leaders, laid a foundation for a sustainable business based on a firm set of principles and values. They believed in fair, honest and ethical business practices and as a result, what started out as a small firm with four or five staff members grew into a company that provides valuable services and employs nearly 200 people.

“There are a variety of factors that contribute to our success, including long-term dedicated staff members with a solid work ethic, always doing what is right especially when no one is watching, and our dedication to delivering an exceptional customer experience,” Kirchner said.

Today, BCA has a growing client roster, two office locations and a bright future ahead.

“We have learned from our errors and celebrated our successes,” Kirchner said. “Embracing change, having the courage to meet challenges, and trusting our instincts have been essential to our longevity.”