NJE Group Continues to Distinguish Itself from Normal Collection Agencies



Seattle, WA, February 15, 2016:  National Judgment Enforcement Group stands out in the collection industry by specializing in judgment recovery through the means of verifying defendant's assets to enforce the satisfaction of court orders.  By implementing a meticulous search process for asset location that includes a vast amount of skip trace resources, it is simpler for NJE Group to track the location of defendant's employers, bank accounts & property to fulfill resolution.  Most collection agencies are used to recovering non-judgment accounts, which means they are not equipped with the necessary tools to locate assets to seize for judgment collection.  Generally, most agencies just follow the traditional voluntary method of phone calls and letters, which most judgment creditors usually understand is insufficient.


National Judgment Enforcement Group has been assisting in the collection of judgments by using a systematic process that includes:

·         Asset Verification: A comprehensive method known exclusively as their “multi-tiered” asset location service. This process incorporates an in-house skip-trace department and a network of partnered companies that specialize in the verification of bank accounts and employment.

·         Enforcement & Collection: The capability to enforce by means of a plethora of legal procedures such as wage garnishments, bank levies & property liens. In addition, NJE Group also handles the usual services of sending demand letters and placing phone calls.


About NJE Group: National Judgment Enforcement Group was instituted under the presumption that most judgment creditors ought to have a better, more convenient and economical method for collecting their judgments. NJE Group absolutely does not solicit money from clients. The group’s major objective is to always offer the most efficient and reasonable judgment recovery services in the industry, reducing client difficulties and expenses.


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Founder, NJE Group

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