Ontario Systems Introduces Cardholder Fee Program as Part of Its Unified Payment Solution


SwervePay® feature eliminates processing costs without the need for a third-party payment portal


MUNCIE, Ind. (September 22, 2020) – Ontario Systems, a leading provider of enterprise software that automates revenue recoveryworkflows for clients in the healthcare, government, and accounts receivable management (ARM) markets, today announced the introduction of its Cardholder Fee Program, a key feature of Ontario Systems’ recently acquired end-to-end payment engagement platform and registered payment facilitator, SwervePay®.

The Cardholder Fee Program addresses a major need in the ARM marketplace by allowing agencies to eliminate payment of processing costs without introducing the inefficiency and risks associated with third-party payment portals. SwervePay’s Cardholder Fee Program was developed with major card brand rules in mind to help users align their payment process with industry standards. With this feature, SwervePay users can avoid having to leave their collection system; as a result, the Cardholder Fee Program streamlines collection agents’ workflows while minimizing Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and other compliance risks.

“To avoid processing fees, many agencies process and record payments outside of their collection system and then return to manually log payment activity, which introduces the potential for human error and compliance issues,” said Ontario Systems Vice President of Payments Jaeme Adams. “The Cardholder Fee Program allows SwervePay users to automatically capture, process, and record payments in real time within their collection system without incurring processing costs. Day to day, this cost-saving feature helps make collections easier, safer, and more efficient.”


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About Ontario Systems
Established in 1980, Ontario Systems is a leading provider of enterprise software designed to automate complex workflows and accelerate revenue for clients in the healthcare industry as well as federal, state, and local governments and the accounts receivable management (ARM) market. Headquartered in Muncie, Ind., with additional offices in Boston, Mass., Vancouver, Wash., and Albuquerque, N.M., Ontario Systems offers a full portfolio of end-to-end accounts receivable management solutions including the Artiva® family of products, RevQ®, Ontario Omni®, and SwervePay®, a unified payment engagement platform. Ontario Systems serves thousands of customers processing nearly $35 billion in patient, constituent, and consumer payments each year.

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