Quantrax And Mapes Consulting Create Strategic Alliance

The ARM industry looks for new and innovative solutions to replace their aging collection platforms 



July 1, 2021


Mapes Consulting has worked with hundreds of collection agencies, attorneys and creditors on multiple collection platforms, assisting their leadership with driving efficiencies and automation into their operations while maintaining and improving their information security compliance.  In addition, Mapes has worked with ARM businesses and creditors of all sizes, from ten-user shops to multi-thousand, multi-site international operations.


Jeremy Mapes, Managing Member of Mapes Consulting and a thirty-year industry veteran, has frequently been asked by agencies what collection software they should be moving to.  “I have learned that Quantrax is a very forward-thinking company that understands where technology needs to be for the ARM industry,” says Jeremy. “The ever-present legal climate and impending rules will necessitate and change agency operations for the better. Features like a true “Best-time-to-call solution”, an AI-driven collection platform,  and very high levels of back-office automation can transform every conventional ARM business.”  Jeremy also went on to say, “I have had the opportunity to interview several Quantrax customers and I am amazed at how happy they are [with their provider].  I find that amount of satisfaction and loyalty is a rarity in the industry these days which speaks volumes to me.” 


Quantrax’s CEO and chief technologist Ranjan Dharmaraja, said “Mapes Consulting’s domain knowledge and experience with many popular collection platforms will be invaluable in a future where we see integrated text messaging, and Quantrax’s proven AI platform dominating the collection technology landscape. We are excited about Jeremy’s experience playing a very important and strategic role in educating and converting companies onto our collection platform.”