The Camping Companies and Paramount Recovery Service Leading the Merger of 6 Repossession Companies



Phoenix, AZ – September 14, 2020 – Camping Companies, Inc. and Paramount Recovery Service, two of the leading providers of investigation and repossession services to the auto finance industry, are merging to become the premier direct asset recovery company for the Western US.  Joining in this merger are four additional long-standing respected repossession companies:  Accurate Adjustments of CA, Able Auto Adjusters of CA, Advanced Services of Redding CA, and Tri-State Recovery of AZ.  

The owners of these six companies are united in their shared vision to become and remain the most trusted partner for asset recovery to lenders in the auto finance industry.  To accomplish that vision, the full assimilation of the six companies into one organization will be complete by the end of 2020.  Starting January 1, 2021, the combined company - ART Asset Adjusters, LLC - will deliver true direct one-call asset recovery services throughout the six states of California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico, operating from approximately 40 marshalling facilities across that service footprint.  Most importantly, the owners of the merging companies will continue in full time roles with ART Asset Adjusters providing leadership and operational continuity for all lender clients.

“Each of the six companies that are joining together have a well-established track record in their respective markets for strong operational performance and for maintaining quality relationships with their lender clients,” says Kevin Camping of Camping Companies, who will serve as President of ART Asset Adjusters.  “Combining the talent and experience of all the industry leaders within our six companies will allow us to more effectively know and serve our lender clients going forward, while also becoming a dynamic place for professionals in our industry to build a successful and long-term career.”

“In addition to our great people, the combined resources of these six companies will allow us to more effectively and efficiently deliver quality results in the field for our clients on a daily basis,” stated Steve Simons of Paramount Recovery Service who will serve as Senior Vice-President and Chief Strategy Officer of ART Asset Adjusters.  “Paramount has been a leader in the deployment of LPR and other technologies that continuously improve operational performance and timely response.  Coming together as one larger company will greatly increase our collective ability to be aggressive adopters of new technology and lead the industry in delivering asset recovery services that increase the financial success of our lender clients.”   

“The combined scope of our people, resources and service footprint will give each of the clients we proudly work for increased confidence that they can count on our company as trusted partners,” added Doug Camping of Camping Companies, who will serve as Chief Financial Officer of ART Asset Adjusters.  “Our ownership team is resolutely committed to our company setting the standard in the repossession industry for being fully compliant, financially strong, managing risk well and always investing in our future.  This will allow us to continue serving our clients for a long time to come.”


 “With a passion for leading the charge in our organization to empower our employees towards personal growth and professional success, I share the collective excitement of our leadership team about this merger and our future together,” expressed Dan Johnson, who will serve as CEO of ART Asset Adjusters.  “As an ownership group, we have two foundational and guiding motivations in coming together as one company:  to provide a stronger and brighter future for the hard-working and loyal people that presently work for each of our companies, and to continuously improve our ability to be the most trusted lender services partner in asset recovery for each of our lender clients.  We will accomplish these two goals together as one team – ART Asset Adjusters, LLC.


About Camping Companies, Inc.:  Camping Companies, Inc. is a regional provider of investigation and repossession services to the auto finance industry.  Camping Companies is based in Phoenix, AZ and currently operates ten facilities providing service throughout the states of Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, and Southern Utah.  With its client-centered, people-focused approach to leadership, service and compliance, Camping Companies has been regularly recognized by its clients and industry as one of the most consistent and trustworthy companies in the asset recovery field for over 30 years.  For more information, please visit www.campingcompanies.comCompany Contact:  Kevin Camping, President  (602) 864-7835


About Paramount Recovery Service:  Paramount Recovery Service is a regional provider of investigation and repossession services to the auto finance industry.  Paramount Recovery Service is based in Los Angeles, CA and currently operates fourteen facilities providing service throughout the states of California and Central Arizona.  Following the energy of founder Steve Simons, who leads with a passion for operational performance and a prowess for technology implementation, the team at Paramount is consistently recognized by its clients and industry as one of the most innovative, forward-thinking and highest performing leaders in the asset recovery industry.  Company Contact:  Steve Simons, President  (213) 310-8100 Ext 101


About Accurate Adjustments, Inc.:  Accurate Adjustments, Inc. is a leading asset recovery agency in Northern California serving the auto finance industry.  Accurate Adjustments is based in Lodi, CA and currently operates two facilities providing service throughout the Sacramento, Stockton, and Modesto regions.  Founded almost 25 years ago by Shane Freitas, who is recognized as a critical thinking and process improvement leader in the recovery industry, the Accurate team has built a well-earned reputation over the years for accuracy and competency in the service they deliver to their clients.  For more information, please visit  Company Contact:  Shane Freitas, President  (209) 649-2300

About Able Auto Adjusters:  Able Auto Adjusters is a leading asset recovery agency in Southern California serving the auto finance industry. Founded in 1962 by Myles S. Weiss, a pioneer of the asset recovery business who has left an indelible mark of leadership and mentorship across the entire repossession industry, Able Auto Adjusters is the oldest continuously operating recovery company in California.  Led today by Marc Weiss and continuing to build on the legacy established by Myles, Able Auto Adjusters delivers client-centric, results-driven, integrity-based service to a myriad of top-tier lenders.  For more information, please visit www.ableautoadjusters.comCompany Contact:  Marc Weiss, Director  (858) 342-2090


About Advanced Services of Redding CA:  Advanced Services of Redding CA is a leading asset recovery agency in Upper Northern California serving the auto finance industry.  Advanced Services is based in Redding, CA and covers a wide and diverse territory from the California coast to the state of Nevada and north to the Oregon border.  For 14 years, Josh Pedersen has lived and operated by the motto “We go the distance (including where others won’t go).”  That hard work, combined with good honest communication, has resulted in the Advanced Services team earning a high level of confidence from their clients and lasting respect from many across the repossession industry.  Company Contact:  Josh Pedersen, President  (530) 356-7593


About Tri-State Recovery:  Tri-State Recovery is a long-standing asset recovery agency based in Lake Havasu City, AZ that serves the River Cities Region of Western AZ, Eastern CA and Southern NV.   Established in 2002 by Joel Holmes, Tri-State Recovery proudly became one of Arizona’s most trusted repossession brands.  In 2013, Joel’s daughter Shila carried the company forward expanding a culture that focused on safety and compliance which served Tri-State’s clients well and helped raise the bar for compliance with many others in the repossession industry.  With family roots buried deep in the Mojave Desert, when clients think Lake Havasu City... they know Tri-State Recovery.  Company Contact:  Shila Russel, President  (928) 854-9042


About ART Asset Adjusters, LLC:  ART Asset Adjusters, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of ART Lender Services, LLC, is a growing direct provider of investigation and repossession services to the auto finance industry.  Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ with marshalling facilities expanding nationally, ART Asset Adjusters, LLC is committed to becoming and remaining the most trusted lender services partner for asset recovery.  With a relentless focus on continuous and never-ending improvement, and a passionate culture of engagement that empowers people to grow and fulfill their potential, ART Asset Adjusters, LLC is setting a new standard for service that lenders can experience and trust in the asset recovery industry.  For more information, please visit  Company Contact:  Dan Johnson, CEO  (800) 550-7122