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ARA Continues Work to Solve Industry Invoicing Issues

In late July, the American Recovery Association (ARA) board sent an industry-wide survey to solicit feedback on invoicing problems with forwarding companies. Since the results of the survey were made public, the ARA Public Relations Committee has been actively ... Read More

Jan Stieger, Executive Director of Receivables Management Association International, Announces Plans to Retire in March 2024

 September 27, 2023: Receivables Management Association International (RMAI) announced today that Executive Director, Jan Stieger, who has served in the role since January 2011, plans to retire in March 2024. “Under Jan’s transformational and inspirational ... Read More

Branding Arc Hires Katalina Dawson as Director of Sales and Marketing

Branding Arc is pleased to announce marketing and events professional Katalina Dawson has joined the receivables management marketing firm in a new position as Director of Sales and Marketing. Katalina Dawson is an experienced marketing ... Read More

How Restarting Student Loan Payments Could Change Millions of Lives — And The Economy

By Monica Potts ABC NEWS PHOTO ILLUSTRATION When Congress voted in May to restart student loan payments this fall — and then the Supreme Court overturned President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan in June — ... Read More

New Jersey Federal Court Holds Bank Levy Provides Basis for Standing in FDCPA Case

On September 15, the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey denied the defendant’s summary judgment motion holding instead that a bank levy against the plaintiff served as a basis for standing to ... Read More

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