Haag Family Marks State’s 75th Anniversary with Significant Gift

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Marking the significant milestone of State Collection Service’s 75th Anniversary, the Haag family has contributed $75,000 to The River Food Pantry’s Recipe for Hope campaign. This campaign aims to raise funds for a new 32,500-square-foot facility and expanded food and meal programs. The new facility, which will be nearly triple the size of the current warehouse, will greatly enhance The River’s capacity to serve the community.

The Haag family’s business, founded in 1949 by immigrant Hilding Haag, has a rich history of community involvement. Hilding’s son, Tom, took over as CEO in 1972, and under his leadership, the company flourished. Today, Tim, the third generation of Haag family leadership, oversees a team of 650 members, maintaining the company’s family-owned status while driving its growth.

“As we celebrate the 75th anniversary of our family business, we wanted to honor the legacy of my father and grandfather with this gift,” said Tim Haag, State’s president and CEO. “My father, Tom, volunteered at The River with our team even as he battled cancer. This is a fitting way to celebrate this milestone in the life of our family business.”

Tim and Kristen Haag, Tom’s wife, Tina Hanson, and Tom’s daughter and son-in-law, Erin and Jim Warner, gave the gift.

“Even more than cars, Tom had a passion for food,” said Hanson. “When I would travel for work, most of our conversations centered around what I ate and restaurant recommendations. The food pantry was important to him to ensure everyone in our community had the food they needed. This gift will ensure Tom’s legacy and passion for food security lives on.”

Many State team members regularly volunteer at The River, individually and as teams. As Dane County’s busiest food pantry, The River serves over 2,500 people weekly through various programs and services. One in three people served by The River is a child. In 2023, The River served more people than ever, and demand was up 25% in the first few months of 2024.

“We are grateful for the support of the Haag family towards this transformative project,” said Rhonda Adams, Executive Director of The River. “The new building is designed to serve more people more effectively and efficiently. We are so excited about what this will mean for our neighbors going through difficult times.”

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