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New York, NY – Kredit, the leading centralized debt resolution platform and network, now enables ACA, the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals members, to display their ACA membership alongside their agency’s name on Kredit’s platform.

The goal of this product enhancement is to further reduce barriers to communications between consumers and collection agencies.

On the consumer’s side, they will now have full visibility into the collection agency’s association and therefore have greater trust that their communications are valid. On the collection agency’s side, the ability to list their association on Kredit’s platform highly increases the chances of conversion because consumers receive instant validation of their profile and association.

For debt settlement companies and credit counseling agencies, the benefit is the same. Those working on behalf of the consumer will be able to trust the legitimacy of debt buyers and collection agencies because their association with ACA will be apparent on the Kredit platform.

“The collaboration with ACA members will provide consumers with an additional layer of transparency, visibility, and validity in their engagement,” says Dave Hanrahan, CEO of Kredit. “This results in a worry-free resolution. Aligning ACA’s logo next to the relevant collection agency presented on Kredit’s platforms creates a full circle of trust among all parties.”

“ACA International members are proud to be a part of our association, and I’m so glad they now get this opportunity to showcase their membership on Kredit’s platform,” said ACA CEO Scott Purcell.

“Our members are committed to professional and ethical practices and take the expectations of creditor clients and the public seriously. As a condition of association membership, all ACA members agree to abide by our Code of Conduct and commit to following our Collector’s Pledge. Plus, our members are forward thinking in adopting new methods and technologies to better help consumers and creditors resolve past-due balances.”

About Kredit

Kredit is the leading digital debt resolution platform and network. Its software applications help creditors, ARM organizations, and consumer financial advisors to simplify and modernize their collection communications. It also enables Kredit’s consumers to unify all accounts in collection into a single platform while managing, paying, and communicating with vendors in a friendly, efficient, and consumer-oriented way.

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