LJ Ross Associates Partners with Skit.ai to Leverage Voice AI for Call Automation and Compete with Larger Agencies Across All States

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The leading conversational voice AI platform empowers LJ Ross Associates to augment agent productivity and improve collection efficiency.

NEW YORK, NY (August 17, 2023) — Skit.ai, the leading conversational voice AI solution provider in the ARM industry, announced today its strategic partnership with LJ Ross Associates, a 30-year-old collection agency successfully managing revenue recovery programs. The partnership with Skit.ai provides LJ Ross Associates with a unique competitive edge, enabling seamless scalability  and agile, efficient operations fueled by state-of-the-art voice AI technology.

Ever since its founding, LJ Ross has championed compliant and consumer-friendly practices. In recent years, the agency had been looking for a robust technology such as voice AI to solve its core challenges—skilled agent shortages and the spiraling cost of collections—which were limiting their potential to scale and also provide customer support. Skit.ai’s Augmented Voice Intelligence platform solves the issues of availability and scalability stemming from staffing challenges. The platform’s ability to engage with thousands of consumers within minutes and be available  24/7, to answer calls has led to improved connectivity, enhanced collections, at reduced costs.

Speaking about the partnership, Rebecca Roberts-Stewart, COO of LJ Ross Associates, stated: “Skit.ai is helping us optimize agent bandwidth, as it enables our agents to spend more time answering high-value inbound calls. With Skit.ai as our first filter, our long-term goal is to ramp up call automation and increase inbound calls. The voice AI platform has already helped us take steps in that direction, with the  40% boost in inbound traffic as a testimony to the solution’s efficacy. We look forward to furthering our engagement with Skit.ai.”

In a turbulent market subject to severe consolidation, this partnership proves that solutions such as Skit.ai’s Augmented Voice Intelligence platform can enable collections agencies to create an unparalleled competitive advantage that helps them outperform even with more prominent players.

“LJ Ross Associates witnessed a 92% jump in connectivity and an 18% jump in RPCs, both of which enable them to compete with larger agencies and even outperform them by resolving staffing challenges and the high cost of collections,” said Sourabh Gupta, founder and CEO of Skit.ai. “The success of this partnership demonstrates the impact voice AI can generate for the ARM industry and the importance of creating continuous long-term customer value through business innovation to maintain a competitive edge.”

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About L J Ross Associates:
L J Ross Associates is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) founded in 1992 with a passion for helping companies successfully manage their revenue recovery programs and providing the best customer service possible as an extension of your business. L J Ross entered the debt collection industry by providing retailers with check collection and verification services. Since then, L J Ross has expanded its operations into all major accounts receivable verticals, including the governmental (1994), utility industry (1996), medical industry (2001), commercial (2002), financial industry (2002), and educational industry (2006). In addition, L J Ross is licensed to perform collection services in all 50 states and locales requiring such licenses, making them capable of serving collection needs nationwide. https://www.ljross.com

About Skit.ai:
Skit.ai is the ARM industry’s leading conversational voice AI company, enabling collection agencies to streamline and accelerate revenue recovery. Skit.ai’s compliant, configurable, and easy-to-deploy solution enables enterprises to automate nearly one million weekly consumer conversations. Skit.ai has been awarded several awards and recognitions, including Stevie Gold Winner 2023 for Most Innovative Company by The International Business Awards, Disruptive Technology of the Year 2022 by CCW, and Gold Globee CEO Awards 2022. Skit.ai is headquartered in New York City, NY.  https://skit.ai/

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